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Find out how much you have learned in the re:think quiz. Once you've answered all the questions you can find out how you've done, and present your score on a great looking widget for your blog!

All the answers can be found in the site, so if you are unsure, try searching for the answer.

Good luck!



Question 1 How many polymer types are there to grade plastic?

Tip: Try searching for polymers

Question 2 The energy from waste furnace produces IBA. What does it stand for?

Tip: Try searching for energy from waste

Question 3 How much household waste can be made into compost?

Tip: Try searching for compost fact

Question 4 Which of these images shows the removal of water from paper?

Tip: Try searching for cylinder

Question 5 Which of these items can you use to make compost?

Tip: Try searching for compost materials

Question 6 What is used to clean the gas in the energy from waste process?

Tip: Try searching for hot flue gases

Question 7 Organic waste that does not contain food waste is called:

Tip: Try searching for food waste

Question 8 Liquid created by decomposition in a landfill is called:

Tip: Try searching for leachate

Question 9 How many days does compost need to remain at 60°C?

Tip: Try searching for in vessel composing

Question 10 Cullet is melted in a furnace at what temperature?

Tip: Try searching for furnace

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